The firm is well-known nationally for its real estate practice.  It handles planning, development, building and marketing projects in commercial, residential and institutional projects.  The Real Estate Department is headed by Adv. Ronnie Cohen, who has over 20 years’ experience across the full range of real estate transactions, including in representing international buyers’ groups in projects in Israel, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the United States. The firm’s real estate team assists in all proceedings related to planning and construction, from the initial town plan approval and building permits to securing project finance, construction, marketing, negotiations with partners and vendors, accompanying the planning and execution phases with the architects, representing the project before all planning authorities and registering title. The firm also handles real estate-related litigation, such as administrative appeals of building and planning decisions, betterment levy [hetel hashbacha] appeals, registration of cooperative houses (condominiums), first registration of land, and litigation in the civil courts.   In addition, the firm drafts and negotiates sales agreements, combination agreements, partnership and many other real estate agreements.  We also provide real estate tax planning counsel. Alongside our Israeli real estate practice, the firm provides counsel on foreign real estate transactions, assists in locating local legal counsel abroad and works with them to arrange acquisition of rights, construction and sale of the projects.





The firm represents Israeli and international clients before Israeli courts at all levels, and in arbitrations in Israel and abroad.  Litigation clients include commercial companies, business persons and principals, often in suits in which considerable amounts are at stake, including in proceedings for urgent temporary relief, injunctions, attachments, receivership and so on.  The firm also represents clients in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) fora, such as Israeli and international arbitrations and mediation.​





Our firm has acquired a reputation as the leading office in marriage and divorce law in Jerusalem, and one of the finest firms in this field nationally. We closely handle all phases of the divorce process, including negotiation of agreements, proceedings in the Family Courts and District Courts, and all proceedings in the Rabbinical Courts.  We conduct mediations to reach fair divorce agreements and have them approved by the Family Courts.  In addition, the firm handles claims for spousal and child support, custody, visitation rights, property and more.​





The firm prepares wills from simple to very complex, administers estates under court supervision and in proceedings involving the heirs, probate proceedings, and realization of assets when necessary.  The firm also specializes in receiverships, acting as estate administrator, dissolving real estate partnerships and handling litigation on these matters as necessary.​



Our firm provides strategic counsel to resolve complex human resource controversies, and legal guidance to organizations regarding reorganization, hiring, termination, absorbing foreign employees in Israel and more.  In addition, the firm handles collective bargaining negotiations, and provides real time counsel during labor disputes and strikes, sale merger or acquisition of companies and factories,  change of employers, senior employee compensation, including advice regarding taxation, pensions, social insurance and risk management.  The firm also handles a wide variety of labor-related litigation matters before the Labor and civil courts, representation before government bodies, disciplinary tribunals and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) fora such as arbitration and mediation.​


Our firm handles a broad variety of transnational contracts and projects in Israel and abroad, including in venture capital, real estate, energy and mining, trade, attaining government grants, formation of joint ventures for research, development and manufacturing, and more.  We often assist our clients from the initial planning phases onward, including through risk assessment, preparation for entry into developing markets, locating local partners and foreign tax counsel when necessary, securing regulatory approvals, project finance, taxation, sales and marketing.  ​




We have dozens of years of collective experience in negotiating and drafting contracts in the various fields of commercial endeavor, including in venture capital and private equity, entertainment, real estate, trademarks, energy, real estate, oil and gas, mining, finance, urban planning and development, employment, and much more. As part of our client-centered approach, we typically provide clients with assessment of their legal risks and propose practical ways to avoid or deal with crisis events